Bringing Your ATV/UTV for Camping? Here’s How to Prepare

Bringing Your ATV/UTV for Camping? Here’s How to Prepare

Bringing Your ATV/UTV for Camping? Here’s How to Prepare

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Here’s How to Prepare for Camping !

Camping is a good way to get back to nature, but it could be very challenging. You have to prepare a lot of things for one camping trip, and if you forget something, it can be very problematic. You also have to prepare for it physically. You can’t go on a strenuous camping trip without being warmed up for days before. The preparation is intense, but the trip itself can be even tougher.

Though difficult, it has its perks. In camping, you have to leave your comfort zone, but after those treks and hikes, you will fully appreciate nature through the clean breeze, the colorful environment and various animals that you do not usually see in the concrete jungle.


Nowadays, campers, especially the ones that have been doing this for a while, have already thought of ways to make their camping trip a bit convenient. They would bring a vehicle with them that they could bring for off-road trips, and some have even explored ATVs and UTVs for their performance in challenging terrain.

If you are bringing your UTV or ATV for a camping trip, here are a couple of guide questions to help you prepare.

Do you have all the necessary gears and tools for camping?

First of all, you have to prepare yourself first. You have to ask yourself what you need to bring when camping. Non-negotiables would be personal stuff like toiletries and clothing. You have to make sure you bring enough for your whole stay, whether it is for just a few days to a week.


Other than your personal things, you also have to prepare camping tools. Is your tent ready, and can you actually fit in the tent? Is it durable enough to withstand the weather wherever you will be staying? Did you bring a sleeping bag for extra comfort? Are you sure you were able to pack your small stove? Does your stove have fuel? How about some zip lock bags for easy access to your things? Did you pack trash bags so you will not trash the whole place? How about your water jug? You also should not forget your utensils, coolers, towels, lighter or matches, and fishing gear if you are planning to go fishing for food. Other essentials would be insect repellant and flashlight with enough batteries.

Aside from all your gears, you should never forget your food. Bring enough food that will last the whole day, and make sure it will satisfy you. You can’t afford to starve in camping sites because you will need all the energy you can to be able to stand strenuous activities that surely comes with camping. You also have to make sure that the food you bring will not spoil.

Can everything fit in your vehicle?

The reason why packing your personal stuff is essential to preparing your UTV or ATV for a good camping trip is that you have to make sure these things will actually fit in your vehicle. You have to remember that no matter how prepared, gear-wise, your vehicle is, if your camping stuff is not complete, you will not be able to camp out properly. Your vehicle should be able to accommodate all your camping stuff, if not, let it adjust by getting more equipment for your ATV or UTV.

Do you have your ATV/UTV gears for camping?

Camping trips entail that you stay in a campsite for more than a day. It also entails harsher terrain and a very different weather from the city. As such, your vehicle should be more durable than normal. Of course your ATV or UTV is already built for that, but you can still prepare it even more to make sure that you will not have any other problems when you get there.

First off, you have to prepare gears for carrying heavy loads of camping gear, especially if you have a lot. Once you have finished packing, you can assess if your vehicle can accommodate all your stuff.

Next, you have to prepare your UTV or ATV for the camping trip itself. If you do not have a GPS for yourself, you should at least put one for your vehicle. Make sure you also have airpump and tire plugs in hand. Likewise, never forget your vehicle tool kit because it could save you. Even though your vehicle is built to withstand the challenging terrain, it can still break when you least expect it. You better bring repair or maintenance tools with you. Your tool kit must have a map and a compass, duct tape, fire-stating tools, zip ties, vise grips, tow straps, and a winch. Never forget to bring extra fuel for your vehicle. It is common sense, really. You would not want your car to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, leaving you no choice but to walk miles back with all your stuff. Better bring all the extras!

Good add-ons would be a charger for your navigational system as well as for your portable devices. Although these are not actually required, this will make it extra easy for you to go camping.

Your UTV and ATV should be your best buddy when it comes to camping because it can be used for off-road trips, which is where camping activities would usually happen, and it can carry heavy loads. You just have to remember that, while you prepare yourself for the camping trip, you also have to prepare your vehicle. It is the safest way to be prepared, and once you are fully equipped and ready, you will find that your camping experience will be a lot more fun.

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