The Apache 360 Track System

The Apache 360 Track System

The Apache 360 Track System

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The apache 360 track system

The apache 360 track system is one of the most powerful systems ever be made. This system is a true beast and you can see it rolling all over and when in a competition, it beats all others. This system can withstand even the roughest of terrains that you may know about.can-am-apache-360

When tested, the apache 360 track system is able to withstand so much. The system is able to get over the obstacles that were thought to be impossible initially. The tracks are very versatile and this is why they are capable of withstanding even the roughest places.

The tracks and installation

The track system can be accessed from local dealers and when you have the chance to see just how awesome it is, you will be impressed. Even though the hardware box can be intimidating, but to be so superior, there must be a very complicated mounting gear.

One of the things that you will notice is that the tread on the tracks are very soft. This allows the tracks to grip on each and every surface that it comes face to face with. After you unbox and get the hardware separated, there is the daunting task of installing tracks and this may take quite some time.

After the installation, everything bolts in well and it isn’t that difficult to adjust. The front does have a lot of hardware and you need to have a very clear mind so as to get it right when you try. There are bolts of all sizes and you have to find a place for watch and every one of them. When doing the assembly, don’t make the bolts too tight. This is because when they are too tight, the mounting plates may bend. There is a stabilizer bar that is also provided with this system and this helps in keeping the tracks stable and not spinning. It also assists in making sure that the track is held in place so as not to make any sharp turns to the inner fender.

One of the things that can pose some sort of difficulty is adjusting the front. It is a bit complicated and this too takes a lot of time. When put on the axles, the weight of the tracks is a bit overwhelming and it is one of the hardest things that you have to deal with. You should undertake this task by yourself.

When fully mounted, the tracks are so breathtaking. Their size and the power that they bring are just unbelievable. This is one awesome system.

After the mounting of the apache 360 systems, you now have to do the real testing. Even when snow is absent, they still perform so well outdoors. If you want to steer well, then there is a need to always remain in the four wheel drive. This is something that you realize as soon as you set out to try the machine out. It doesn’t have to be in diff lock, but four wheels is a must.

When the ride starts, the beginning of great fun presents itself. This system is perfect at ground clearing. There is a perfect space that is between rear track and a front track, making it so effortless to go over any trees that are downed or the areas that are washed out near the creeks.

The system is also able to withstand deep mud situations, making it one of the best for those unpredictable terrains.

Why it is the best

The apache 360 track system is able to provide great versatility and comes with additional floatation and traction making it possible to use it even in snow situations. It is suitable for the Can Am atvs, and side by side vehicles. It can be used for the shorter season before winter and after winter. It has got so many advantages when compared to other systems and they include:

  • The apache 360 track system is able to match the output of the engine and great performance to an optimum level that is neither too heavy nor too light.
  • Steering the apache 360 is much easier because there is reduced vibration and this makes it easy to turn. There is great performance regardless of the condition presented.
  • The track system has got lags that reduce the resistance and this allows it to roll smoothly.
  • There is the rear pattern which is well balanced and this offers the entire system an even better traction.
  • The contact patch is also adjustable and this allows you to make the changes which you feel are necessary.
  • The down position has got more tracks on the ground, especially when the conditions are soft. This means that the entire system remains very stable.
  • The upper position doesn’t have so many tracks and this reduces the resistance. It also makes it so easy to control and turn.
  • The design is made in such a way that it can clear so much ground at a time, regardless of how bad it really is.
  • This track system proves to be very light in comparison to other systems. It can handle all four seasons with so much ease. However, the materials used in its making are all heavy duty and this ensures that it is durable for all the season.
  • It has double bearing wheels that make it even more superior to the sliders that are common on the snowmobiles. This offers even more stability at the end of the day.
  • Insulation removal from this system is very simple. It can actually be done in a very short time, at least 20 minutes once the system has been installed.

It is amazing to have a system that also works on atvs. This is a system that is designed very specifically so as to make sure that the Can Am vehicles are able to perform at their very best regardless of the season.

This system is exclusive to Can Am and this means that you can only purchase it from them.

Designed specifically to enable cannon vehicles to perform at their best all year round and are only available from Can Am.

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