The Best Can-Am Commander Accessories: A Closer Look

The Best Can-Am Commander Accessories: A Closer Look

The Best Can-Am Commander Accessories: A Closer Look

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best-can-am-accessoriesA blazing ride on your Can-Am Commander is one heck of an experience; but believe it or not, there are ways to make it much better and more exciting.

There are a number of key accessories that may not only look sleek with your Commander side-by-side, but make all your trips with it as convenient as deemed possible.

To make this decision-making a little easier for you, let’s take a closer look on the number of accessories you can invest on and see what may possibly work for you.

Check Out Our Top Picks Here:

Deluxe Convertible Roof

This is as best as it can get. True to its name, the deluxe convertible roof gives your side-by-side the needed protection without sacrificing style. What we like most about this premium roof design is the apparent consideration of the needs of the rider and the passengers as well.

So if you’re one who prefers to color match, this premium roof is available in various colors to complement your Commander. But to keep you from the glare of the sun while driving, the roof is still black from the inside.

And of course, there’s also the part where it is convertible so you always have an option to take the back piece off when the weather is not much of an issue. You just have to strap the back portion of the two-part roof and you’re good to go.

The materials used are sturdy and you don’t even have to worry about the installation on this one because it comes with quick attach brackets that have spacers which we all know is a vital thing if we want to avoid chipped paint and the horror of wear and tear.

Indeed, this roof is the absolute choice if you have enough money for a bit of luxury; but in case you don’t, you may consider purchasing a soft roof for your side-by-side.

Bimini Roof with Sun Visor

While it doesn’t come in colors and doesn’t seem so sturdy due to its light design, the Bimini Roof with Sun Visor is one of our top picks thanks to its value for money and ease of use.

It’s really simple and convenient that you can easily roll it up and pull a strap to keep it intact together with the hard visor.

It’s cheap, yes, but not all cheaper alternatives are expected to last for only a week. We really applaud the durability that this solution dyed polyester based roof boasts of. Yes, it is water repellent and yes, it is also UV-resistant and for us, that’s pretty much what you can expect for high quality roofs.

Full Cab Enclosure

These days, Commanders can be geared with enclosed body to provide additional protection.

This might seem a little too much for riders who are looking for more challenge and adventure since the accessory can to take some of the fun away–with all the coziness and safety measures it offers.

However, if you think about it, cab enclosures are not so bad especially if they’re very easy to dismount and doesn’t take up too much room.

Can-Am’s full cab enclosure design is particularly set to change the minds of hesitant buyers as they promise just that. Using sturdy materials like rigid metal frames for the doors and tempered glass for the windshield, the whole enclosure is expected to survive tough weather conditions and provide reliable service for years.

The elbow room and the doors which open wide out front does a fair job of making sure the rider won’t feel that the whole enclosure is taking up too much space. It’s all about being comfortable while getting the job done, afterall.

The best thing about this accessory is the fact that it’s 100% modular so you can tweak it depending on your need and liking. So you really don’t need to worry where to put your recently bought sport roof or windshield as it will fit just right with the whole enclosure.

Front XT Bumper

We know for a fact that a front bumper is an accessory that may feel a little too much for some riders and for good reason. Your four-wheel drive off-road vehicle needs the additional heavy-duty protection depending on your use.

If your UTV is dedicated solely for plain land use and is rarely exposed to extreme conditions such as steep terrains and mounds of snow, then we’re quite confident that you can survive without a front bumper.

But if you’re one who likes to go extreme then we our safe bet will go the the Front XT Bumper. It is made of heavy gauge steel but can easily be mounted and dismounted. It’s super sleek design is electrocoated in black to ensure durability and limited wear and tear.

While this may not be the most popular accessory for your Commander, it still goes a long way in providing reliable protection in times of need. The design, we must say, is also an added incentive.

Light Rack for Sport Roof and LED Light Bar

Even if there are more accessories meant to give your rough terrain ride a little more ease and comfort, we know that this straight-forward accessories can also make all the difference.

The LED light bar comes in three different measures but the 17” LED Light Bar with 100 watts seems to accomplish the job fairly well. It is equipped with with ten 10W Cree LEDs which can be mounted to a complementary Light Rack.

The said Light Rack is made of aluminum which gives a rugged integrated look to the Commander’s lighting system and of course, the essential protection as well. And since the sport roofs are accessory ready, the rack can effortlessly be mounted on top of it.

Easy, huh?

The Bottomline

And that rounds out our top picks of Can-Am Commander accessories, and we hope we’re able to help you decide which ones to purchase.

It’s true that most of these are great investments, but just like you, our greatest consideration are the benefits we will reap in return for the money we shed.

Be it a new sport roof, a bumper, or both, we look forward to your newly accessorized Commander, and we’re pretty sure it will be a headturner once it’s back on the road.

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