Choosing between new or used atv/utv

Choosing between new or used atv/utv

Choosing between new or used atv/utv

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Tips on Deciding Whether Or Not You Should Get a Used or New UTV/ATV

Getting your own UTV or ATV is definitely thrilling, especially if it is your first one. It is like getting a new car, but this time, it can bring you to adventures that a regular car can’t. However, one of the most daunting concerns you have to decide on would be getting a new vehicle or a used one. Aside from the price, there are so many other concerns of getting a new one. Of course, you would think that your ATV or UTV is at its best when it is new, and that is usually the case. But for enthusiasts or hobbyists, buying a used one is the best route. Here is a quick comparison between buying a new or used ATV or UTV and purchasing a used one.

Riding Experience

First of all, you have to consider how long you have been riding an ATV or a UTV. Is this the first time you are actually getting and riding one? Or have you been riding one and you need a new or upgraded one?

If you are new to ATV or UTV riding, the safest thing to do is to buy a new one for practical and safety reasons. First off, buying a vehicle is already pretty expensive enough, but you also have to consider the cost of maintaining it. There is a smaller chance that you would have to shell out a lot of money from your pocket just for maintenance if your ATV or UTV is new. Used ones, since they have been utilized by their past owners, would have the usual wear and tear.

Condition of the Vehicle

New ATVs and UTVs are, of course, in perfect condition. They are brand new –no one has ever used them yet, and distributors who offer test rides usually give you another unit to try. That is what is promised when you buy a new vehicle. You will be the first one using it. Damages will be minimal. These are limited to occasional incidents wherein the parts are not at its optimal condition, but these should be covered by a warranty.

However, because new ATVs and UTVs are sold for the general market, these vehicles might not have the modifications you want. While it is true that ATVs and UTVs have different models and they are sold in packages, getting a new vehicle will guarantee that specific modifications will already be in place. The packages are still very general to a specific market, so that means it will not be customized to fit your taste.

This is why second-hand ATVs and UTVs are the way to go for hobbyists and enthusiasts. Hobbyists and enthusiasts have been using and researching ATVs and UTVs for quite some time. This means they know the specifications of their chosen model or even brand. They might have also been exposed to modifications that the brand or distributor does not sell. Enthusiasts and hobbyists have experimented with gears and other add-ons to amplify whatever feature their vehicle has, depending on their use, style, and taste. These are not offered by brands or distributors because these are based on individual tastes. While there is a certain market for, let us say people who have extreme tastes in suspension lifts, it will not be big enough for a company to start selling thousands of ATVs or UTVs with extreme suspension lifts.

Of course, enthusiasts and hobbyists can always opt to make their own modified ATV or UTV, but if they know they can buy it elsewhere, why waste the time and effort?

Money Matters

Contrary to popular belief, it is not always true that new ATVs or UTVs are much more expensive than used ones. Of course, in theory, that should be the case, and in the most general sense, that is, in fact, the case. The whole vehicle is in mint condition, so it safely follows that the vehicle should be much more expensive than used ones.

However, there are actually exceptions to the rule. ATVs and UTVs, as mentioned, can be modified, and modifications can be pretty expensive. Though upgrading gears and tools make the vehicle a lot nicer to ride in, the price can get really hefty. Basically, a flipped vehicle – an upgraded one – may come off as pretty expensive precisely because the original owner already spent so much on the upgrades. In addition, you might not see the same vehicle with all its upgrades everywhere else. The only time that the vehicle is more expensive when it is brand new is when you are comparing it to an older model that has never been modified.

Of course you may do the customization yourself. You may get a new model and get all the configurations that would suit your riding needs, but this may come off as even more expensive.

Aside from the configurations of your ATV or UTV, what will matter, in terms of money matters, will be how you want to pay for it. If you are paying for a new vehicle, there are more options for you to pay. The payment schemes may seem more flexible as well. There are the usual down payments and installments. You can use cash or card for payment. For used ATVs or UTVs, it will depend on where you buy it. If you are looking at resellers, they might give you the same flexibility, but if you are buying from an individual owner, the terms will be up to your negotiation.

Buying a new or used vehicle would really depend on the buyer. It depends on how prepared you are to shoulder costs that come with used ones, although the vehicle itself could be cheaper, depending on whether or not it has been upgraded or not; what kind of ATV or UTV you want; and if you can really afford spending a lot of money for upgraded ones. There is no specific preference for this because each buyer has his or her own taste in the vehicle.

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