Choosing the right snorkel kit for your UTV

Choosing the right snorkel kit for your UTV

Choosing the right snorkel kit for your UTV

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UTV snorkel kits are among the most misunderstood accessories for a side by side machine, especially since many riding areas have been restricted and mud bathing with your UTV became a lot harder. Many people who hear about snorkel kits are puzzled on what they actually are and why or if they need one.

When you need a snorkel kit for your UTV

If you want to have fun riding in mud or you need to cross muddy rivers and gorges you need a snorkel kit to keep the water out of the engine. You can think of the snorkel kit as the system which prevents your UTV from drowning in water. Some four wheelers come with built-in snorkel kits, but these are not a match for the real deal.

What are the components of a snorkeling kit

Choosing the right snorkel kit for your UTV starts with knowing the components of such a system. First, think of which machine components will be submerged and start from there. The engine, the differential and the transmission are the first to take a dive, so they need help.

An essential snorkel kit for UTV contains:

  • clutch/belt housing intake
  • clutch/belt housing exhaust
  • airbox inlet.

However, these are not enough to keep your UTV safe and functional while crossing a river, so you might want to look for snorkeling kits which include:

  • differential vents
  • carb vents
  • electrical connections
  • crankcase breather tube.

Depending on the make and model of your UTV, it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer and see if you need anything else.

Snorkeling kits for UTV by installation type

Apart from brand and main components, snorkeling kits for UTVs are also divided by their installation method. There are kits which need to be installed by a specialist, those you can install yourself or else.

Some UTVs come with factory built in snorkeling kits. However, in most cases, you need to enhance their functions and add more components, which need to be installed by the dealer.

The snorkeling kits which have to be installed by the dealer are usually more complex and provide more options in terms of efficiency and fit.

The second main category of snorkeling kits is the self installation kits, which can be installed by the UTV owner. These don’t require special knowledge, but their quality depends a lot by how long the manufacturer had been in the business. You don’t want to buy a kit from a new company, especially if it is your first time installation.

Experienced UTV owners can take the matter in their own hands and build their own snorkeling kits. Honda owners also pick this option, as they only need an airbox.

If you plan to ride the side by side in water or mud you need to install a snorkeling kit on the machine, in order to ensure the UTV is going to survive the water crossing. Which type of snorkeling kit depends on both your skills and the UTVs’ model.

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