TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots review

TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots review

TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots review

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TCX is the second largest motorcycle boot manufacturer in the world, following the lead of Apinestars. Until now, the staple off road boot of the company was the Pro 2.1, which was highly acclaimed by motorcycle drivers. But now TCX finally comes with a new product: TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots!

The technical features of the TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots

Before we start talking about the TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots review, we have to state what are their technical features, which are already quite impressive and promise to deliver a high quality product. The upper part of the boots is made with PU bootleg and ultra resistant micro fiber. The lining is made from a breathable fabric and has soft padding around the ankle.

The reinforcement system consists of Double Flex Control, internal heat control, PU adjustable shin plate, ankle reinforcements and heel guard. The four buckles are made of aluminum and are interchangeable, as well as adjustable.

The soles of the TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots is made of highly resistant Michelin Hybrid MX soled


The new boots are secure and easy to adjust

TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots have a modern, bold look, which stands out immediately. The shin plate can be adjusted, so it can accommodate any size of calves, which is a good plus to start with. The straps have a reliable closure system and can be replaced, which is again, a good thing.

But now comes the real deal: if the popular Pro 2.1 had mechanical stops at 18 degrees forwards and 15 degrees backward, the new Comp Evo has an ankle hinge. The second strap is secured to the hinge pivot, which ensures the strap moves along, to follow the pivot.


No bootie for the Comp Evo

There is no bootie in the TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots, but they have a well padded lining, which ensures a high level of comfort. For those who usually spend hours on end on their bikes, this comes as a blessing.

Michelin makes a difference

During the TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots review we noticed the lower half of the boots is water proof, which is a new thing on the motocross boots market. The focus is still on the Michelin sole: the boots were manufactured in conjunction with the famous tire manufacturer. This is how TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots ended up with a Michelin Hybrid MX Sole inspired by the Multiway 3D tire.


Apart from a cool name and logo, the soles really stand out from the crowd: they offer improved traction and durability. One can wear the boots for months and will notice the soles are still in good shape, even if you take on the most destructive challenges.

This is not all: the Michelin sole is enforced by a steel shank midsole which is sewn directly into the boot, not pressed into the sole, like it is on other boots.

All in one, if you are looking for a durable pair of boots which can provide you a high level of comfort, safety and durability, TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots are the product you are looking for.

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